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Five Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh

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Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh

Are you searching for a wonderful place to eat in Edinburgh? The latest city guide below is guaranteed to help! Stuart Farquhar has been working for The Scotsman as a journalist for 14 years and is quite knowledgeable about the best places to visit for wonderful food!

He strongly recommends the restaurants below!

Timberyard (

If you have a special occasion such as wedding anniversary, birthday or simply a get together for friends or loved ones, this is the place to be!  This restaurant is modern but also presents a traditional touch. It is cool but unpretentious.

Timberyard is situated in a renovated warehouse. The menu will offer you seasonal ingredients that are carefully sourced, like lamb and trout, mixed with items that are more unusual such as woodruff and daikon radishes.

The larder is sternly Scottish; however, a Scandinavian feel exists to the design and food presentation. Since it is Nordic-style, it is a bit costly! This is all worth it, though!

A 4-course dinner costs £55 while the cost of the 8-course menu is £75. When wine pairings are included, this calls for an additional £35 or £65 respectively. This will make an intriguing culinary journey that is hard to forget!

21212 (

This restaurant is also ideal for a special function such as birthdays, anniversaries and family and friends get-together. It can also be wonderful for marking special occasions like retirements and graduation ceremonies.

Food served here includes Lanzarote seafood blast, which is a combination of smoked salmon, and haddock beignet and pink panther, which is, glazed Victoria sponge brulee. The menu is changed each week. On weekday nights a 3-course dinner costs £55. Ensure that you make a booking however!

The Gardener’s Cottage (

If you have children, this restaurant is perfect! It is also wonderful for special occasions. This awesome restaurant resembles a Wizard of Oz-design tornado and has placed a pretty, rural dwelling on the side of bustling London Road. The Gardener’s Cottage is simply magical!

Seasonality is what the menu is all about and ingredients are sourced from the garden and local farmers create remarkable dishes like roe deer taco. You enjoy sumptuous meals while seated on huge shared tables. It is necessary to book!

Norn (

Head to the Norn in case you want to commemorate something special like your birthday.  It was opened in Leith in 2016 and Norn is a blend of countryside and sophistication.

The sourdough created with bere, a Viking grain developed in Orkney and veal Carpaccio with sorrel ensures that each meal here is a combination of uniqueness and tradition.

Chef Scott Smith lays out the fixed 4 or 7-course menu costing £40 and £65 and you are assured of coming across remarkable ingredients like cicely and spruce. An informative dining experience is promised!

Restaurant Martin Wishart (

For special occasions, this restaurant is absolutely superb! Martin Wishart had the insight to bravely release fine dining in Leith in 1999 and gained the first Michelin star in Edinburgh. This is a beautiful

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