Moving House From Edinburgh This Summer

Preparing to Move House and Getting Ready for the Move? Read this great tips from Edinburgh Removals.

A lot of people experience mixed feelings in regard to moving. Beginning afresh in a new home is exciting and enticing; however, packing and organizing all your possessions may be worrying.

There are many things to worry about such as not misplacing anything as you move or breaking things. It is normal for things to get lost during a move and at times they may appear again in unlikely places or it may get lost forever.

The solution to experiencing a positive move is being very organized, particularly if you are moving across a huge distance.

 Making a Checklist

You should prepare a checklist before you start packing. This checklist needs to have all the tasks you should perform to get ready for your move.  It is advisable to begin your checklist around 6-8 weeks prior to the actual move.

The list should include:

  • Verify the actual date of your move.
  • Acquire quotes and engage expert movers or seek assistance from friends.
  • Inform your landlord (if appropriate).
  • Consult your insurance and update information.
  • Book a moving van.
  • If necessary, secure storage area.
  • Notify utility firms.
  • Begin to compile items you do not need anymore.
  • As the move date draws nearer, you should set up another list, which will assist you in your actual move.
  • Pack items that are not necessary.
  • Inform the post office of address change and prepare for mail to be dispatched.
  • Discontinue all services and if required, have them transferred (milk, newspaper delivery).
  • Make arrangements for a pet or child sitter for moving day.
  • Send cards for the change of address to family and friends.
  • Conclude moving preparations with movers.

In case you are moving a huge distance, you need to ensure that you inform dentists and doctors about your move. If you shall change your children’s school, you need to make preparations for that also.

Packing Tips

If you possess the correct materials, packing is very simple. You need to have numerous boxes of varied sizes. Avoid just using huge boxes, as there is a tendency of just packing them with items until they become excessively heavy.

In addition, if they are not packed, items inside them can move around and break. It is also necessary to have packing material. Bubble wrap is superb; however, old newspapers are also good, particularly for glass items.

Therefore, weeks before you move, you should begin saving the old newspapers. You should also have self-sealing bags, packing tapes for small items such as table screws and suitable markers for labeling boxes.

  • In case you have harmful chemicals like aerosol cans or paints, mark the boxes clearly and keep them separate.
  • Avoid packing cumbersome items on top of items that are lighter or more sensitive. Adhere to similar rule when stacking boxes.
  • Label everything and in case you are concerned about revealing what a box contains, utilize a numbered labeling system that matches with a master list.
  • Mark sensitive items as sensitive.
  • Pack a box containing necessities that you will require immediately following the move. It is nice to have plates, utensils, and blankets right away.
  • Any important medicine needs to be labeled clearly, packed and stored separately for simple access. A first aid kit should be included in this box also.
  • An overnight kind of bag for each member of the family containing pajamas and toiletries is important also.

If you follow these tips you will have a better chance of making a smooth transition to your new home!

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